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We are small group travel specialists dedicated to taking you on unique and authentic journeys through the world. We commit to taking you to the most fascinating places around the world where you will experience a more personal and authentic style of traveling. Dive right into the culture and acquire a close encounter of the traditions and customs of each host country you visit with DYJ. We guarantee no regrets!



Dream Your Journey believes in creating balanced and wholesome journeys through the appreciation of cultural attractions, indulging in fresh and local cuisine, and harmonizing a relaxing and refreshing vacation for you.


We provide you with authentic trips by hiring local guides, giving you the opportunity to contribvte to the local economy, finding unique cultural events, and engaging with local people in every country you visit.


DYJ strongly believes in responsible travel with eco-friendly lodging, local guides, and providing organic cuisine. You will the chance of leaving a large impact on the well-being of the local community and zero environmental impact! Dream Your Journey promotes the greater understanding and appreciation of nature and our place in it.


Dream Your Journey believes in giving back to the community you travel to. With each trip we incorporate a philanthropy dedicated to empowering the local community. Our concern for the well-being of the locals drives us to find a cause to make a positive impact in each country we travel to.


Marisol Lacayo

Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Marisol has always had a passion for traveling and learning about different cultures. The goal of living a balanced life in health and harmony with nature has inspired Marisol in the creation of Dream Your Journey. The richness of her culture and her appreciation for the diversity of the world has inspired Marisol to create sustainable and unique journeys around the world for others to enjoy.

Photo Credit: BR Photos Baptiste Riviere

Christine Lacayo
Co-Founder/ Communications Manager

Currently lives in Costa Rica and works at the Earth Charter International. Christine's passion and dedication to preserving our natural resources has inspired many of our ecotourism options offered. Christine believes in the importance of positively impacting the local communities we visit through social and environmental programs supporting sustainable solutions and a healthy environment.