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Featured Trips


Spiritual Healing Retreat for Reawakening & Transformation
Costa Rica

Treat yourself to a 5 Session Wellness Retreat for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health located in Alajuela, along the skirts of the Poás Volcano in Costa Rica. This eco-friendly wellness center offers a variety of holistic and spiritual healing sessions that will reawaken your divine spirit grounding your mind, body, and soul.

New Moon Wellness Retreat
Costa Rica

Join us for a 3 night spiritual moon retreat in the mountains of Santa Maria de Dota, Costa Rica April 4-7 2019. Discover your inner goddess, connect with Mother Earth, and Sister Moon. We kick off the zodiac calendar with Aries energy and awaken our wild spirit.


Wellness & Yoga

Your wellness is important to us. Indulge in a retreat for your mind, body and spirit. We believe in creating balanced and holistic journeys through the appreciation of cultural attractions, fresh and organic cuisine, directly benefiting the local community giving you the peace of mind that you are making an impact by traveling with us.


Eco Escapes

We strongly believe in responsible travel with eco-friendly lodging, local guides and cuisine, while enjoying the treasures around us nature has to offer. You will have the chance of leaving a large and positive impact on the well-being of the local community. We promote the greater understanding and appreciation of nature and our place in it.


Enchanting Europe

We have a number of enchanting European journeys to offer from the French Loire Valley to the rolling hills of the Camino de Santiago across Spain and Portugal! Discover your perfect European getaway below!